JavaScript is for All of Us

And we’re a community that wants to help you succeed in the JavaScript world. WeAllJS is a community composed of a Slack chat, Twitter community, and its adjacent meetups and groups. We’re committed to being supportive, attentive, and inclusive.

WeAllJS is an experiment: We believe that the tech industry as a whole can do better to welcome people, and that we all benefit when everyone has a seat at the table. The community is organized by individuals of various backgrounds experienced in both technical topics and in community building and social issues. It is a project filled with hope and love.

The community welcomes anyone, on any intersection, who feels JavaScript is a part of their professional or personal life and wants to have access to others - anyone from Node.js students to browser experts to Ruby/Rails developers hooking into JS tools, or sysadmins looking to deploy it. Or just those who are curious about it, really.